The Martian is the talk of the town, an incredible space movie that makes traveling – and surviving on Mars – seem entirely plausible. Using technology that’s carefully inspired from what’s currently available to astronauts, Andy Weir invented an adventure in space that’s scary, yet very enjoyable. NASA certainly helped out with the movie, as director Ridley Scott and star Matt Damon revealed, and the space agency seems to be quite psyched about the entire project. Probably because it means extra publicity for a real upcoming mission – NASA announced that it plans to send a manned mission to March in the very near future.

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NASA loves The Martian so much that it actually provided detailed pictures of the locations depicted in Weir’s book. Using the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) placed on the Mars Reconnnaissance Orbiter, NASA photographed Acidalia Planitia, where Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) spends most of his time on Mars; the Ares 3 landing site; the Ares 4 landing site; and also the western edge of Marth Crater.

These newly released NASA images follow below.

Acidalia Planitia

Ares 3 landing site

Ares 4 landing site

Western edge of Marth Crater

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