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This is what it’s like driving Tesla’s incredible new Model S P85D

December 13th, 2014 at 11:15 AM
Tesla Model S Driving

Even people who don’t normally go crazy for cars seem to love Tesla and the company generated even more hype this past fall when it unveiled the all-wheel-drive versions of its highly acclaimed Model S line. Business Insider talked with Kevin Babineau, a contractor from Southern California who bought a Tesla Model S P85D this past fall and who says that the car more than lives up to the hype.

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“The speed, first of all, it’s so fast — you’re not used to experiencing that kind of speed,” explains Babineau, whom Business Insider says has also owned both a Ferrari and a Roadster in the past. “The first thing you do is smile and start laughing. The gentleman that was with me that came to pick it up with me, we were just laughing! The emotions that come out of that kind of speed, in that short a distance, your body’s not used to it. And it’s pulling so many G’s, it’s exciting —  it’s roller coaster stuff. It’s fascinating, absolutely fascinating. And it does this to everyone I’ve had in the car, everyone just starts smiling or laughing. It’s pretty cool.”

That’s about as ringing an endorsement as we can think of. To read more about Babineau’s experiences with the P85D, check out the full article at Business Insider by clicking the source link below.

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