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T-Mobile’s new low end bumper crop: Samsung t419, Samsung t219s, Nokia 2610

T-Mobile has been making all the moves they can make lately. They’ve launched their UMA service, as well as a number of quasi-notable new handsets. We have here in front of us a couple of T-Mobile’s upcoming offerings. The Samsung t429 and Samsung t729 are sooo last week, but the Samsung t219s, Samsung t419, and Nokia 2610 are brand spankin’ new. The t219s is typical low-end Samsung flip phone, sporting a myFaves support, and a host of other rather pedestrian features. Most significant, however, is that the t219s has a “Network Address Book.” Pretty hot. The Samsung t419 is a web-only device with myFaves, no camera, no Bluetooth, and no fun. Rounding out the set is the Nokia 2610, which sports myFaves compatibility and, well, that’s about it. The t219s will drop on September 3rd, the t419 on September 4th, and Nokia 2610 on August 27th. No word on price point for any of the handsets, but we’re guessing they won’t set you back too much. Hit the jump for the full rundown and spec sheets!

Thanks, tmophonehome!

UPDATE: T-Mobile’s network address book feature “automatically backs up the phones address book onto to the network, similiar to what the the Sidekicks do. It’s also available on the T629.” If you lose your phone, and buy a new one with the network address book feature, it will automatically restore your contacts. Nice!


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