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T-Mobile’s Motorola RAZR V3 06 (RAZR 2?) and Motorola W490 dropping in September!


When it rains, it pours, right? Next up on T-Mobile chopping block is the Motorola W490 and a mysterious device known as the RAZR V3 06. First out the gate is the Moto W490, which is set to drop on September 24th. Motorola’s W-series has traditionally consisted of value-oriented handsets with a bit of fashion flair…sort of the stepchild of a peasant and KRZR…the W490 fits into those parameters quite nicely. Features-wise, it’s pretty bottom of the barrel. No camera, no Bluetooth, as far we can see, but it does have a music player and myFaves support. On the other hand, the styling is a bit spiffier than your standard bottom-feeder handset, so we’re not too mad. But next up is where we’re givin’ Moto mad props. The RAZR V3 06? This appears, on the surface, to be yet another iteration of Motorola’s oh-so-tired RAZR V3 line. On closer consideration, however, we have reason to believe that this might be the new Motorola RAZR 2, aka the V8. You know, the RAZR 2 we love? This is the only phone on the sheet we received without a specific drop date, and the spec sheet is incredibly vague with nary a reference to a camera, Bluetooth, or other standard V3 fare. Furthermore, T-Mobile would be out of their minds to drop another V3 variant as the rest of the civilized world gets their hands on the new RAZR 2. Our best guess, therefore, is that this is a mind game of sorts, designed to indicate an upcoming launch without letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak. It’s just an educated guess, so take it with a grain of salt. Click on for the “V3 06” spec sheet. Enjoy, dear readers!

UPDATE: It seems as if the RAZR 06 is just sadly a minor upgrade to the old RAZR. It adds EDGE to it, and that is about it.

Thanks, to everyone that sent this in!

Thanks, tmophonehome!

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