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T-Mobile says, “Screw Gustav! We ain’t lettin’ that bad sumnabitch take us down!”

Reallyz. T-Mobile has taken a lot of preemptive measures to try and ensure that their network will be able to withstand the almighty power that be Gustav. Here’s a recap of what T-Mobile is planning on doing, and what they’ve done:

  • Mobilized all necessary resources to restore service to its customers and emergency first-responders if its cell sites are affected by the storm.
  • The T-Mobile Incident Command Team stands ready at the Birmingham Command Center and at locations throughout the Southeast and in Texas to mobilize teams of technicians and engineers as soon as post-hurricane conditions permit.
  • In the event of widespread power outages, T-Mobile has thousands of gallons of fuel accessible and ready-to-roll into the affected areas to power cell site generators and company repair/transport vehicles, and for other emergency circumstances.
  • To help protect its core network, T-Mobile is fortifying its network switch operations serving the Gulf Coast – including its switch in the New Orleans market, which remained operational through Hurricane Katrina, as well as in Mobile, Ala.
  • T-Mobile has several Cells-On-Wheels (COWs) pre-staged in neighboring markets to move in and provide additional wireless communications capacity in the hardest-hit areas.
  • T-Mobile will monitor evacuation efforts and routes, and will take steps to increase wireless capacity in those areas as customers move inland.

All in all, awesome steps to increase the chances of folks making phone calls in an emergency situation. Due to the mass exodus of people that fled Louisiana though, we’re not sure things like adding wireless capacity will help. Also remember people, don’t rape the network! Text, don’t call unless absolutely necessary! Stay safe.

Jonathan Geller is the founder of Boy Genius Report, now known as BGR, and one of the biggest tech & mobile destinations in the world.

BGR was acquired by leading digital media company PMC in April 2010 and Jonathan is President and Editor-in-chief of BGR Media, LLC. Jonathan was named to Forbes' coveted 30 under 30 list in 2016, and frequently appears as a commentator on news channels such as CNBC, Fox News, ABC News and Bloomberg.

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