If there’s one thing T-Mobile CEO John Legere loves to do, it’s troll his rivals. Legere’s whole tenure as T-Mobile’s chief executive has been marked by relentless bashing of other wireless carriers, as he’s taken particular glee going after AT&T. Now Legere and T-Mobile have put together a very special Christmas video in which, you guessed it, he takes bountiful shots at AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

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The setup is pretty simple: Legere is sitting in front of a fire reading a “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”-style poem that recaps all of T-Mobile’s big moves this year while laying waste to the competition.

Most of the poem is cringe-worthy — the couplet “And while Randall was nestled all snug in his bed / I’m up responding to tweets, removing pain points instead” is particularly bad — but the video does provide a couple of solid laughs, such as when Legere ends his poem with the lines, “So to all our competitors on this holiday eve / Cut the [expletive] [expletive] I’m gonna shove [expletive] it up [expletive].”

Check out the whole video below and be warmed by the kind words Legere has for his fellow wireless carriers.

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