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Legere burns BlackBerry with a brutal MySpace comparison

T-Mobile BlackBerry Feud Legere

Uh-oh. It looks like T-Mobile CEO John Legere is tired of playing nice with BlackBerry and has issued a not-so-subtle dig at the smartphone pioneer on his Twitter feed. In a message posted on Wednesday, Legere said that he “was going to engage John Chen on Twitter, but turns out he’s not here.” So instead, Legere said that he would “check MySpace” to see if Chen still has an account there. The MySpace reference is particularly brutal since both MySpace and BlackBerry dominated their respective industries last decade and have now been driven to dire straits by competing products and services.

Legere’s dig at BlackBerry comes just one day after BlackBerry CEO John Chen took to his company’s official blog to blast T-Mobile for sending out a targeted email to BlackBerry users encouraging them to switch to the iPhone. In particular, Chen thanked BlackBerry diehards for “expressing your outrage directly to T-Mobile ‎through tweets, calls and comments in the media and on blog posts” and said that he was similarly “outraged” by T-Mobile’s behavior.

Legere and T-Mobile both issued formal apologies for the offers and said they wouldn’t try to pitch loyal BlackBerry users with offers for rival devices in the future. Legere also said on Wednesday that he would respond to T-Mobile’s own BlackBerry customers directly after listening to their concerns.

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