Looking for a new job? Does it matter if it’s a profession that people are familiar with? Or are you looking for a more exotic title? If you want a strange career, then you absolutely need to find out more details about what professional cuddlers and chicken sexers do for a living. And there are plenty of other strange jobs out there that pay quite well.

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Professional cuddlers charge up to $80 an hour to snuggle with strangers, Business Insider reports. The gig doesn’t involve any sex, contrary to what you might think, but this kind of work apparently comes with emotional burdens.

A chicken sexer is a professional who deals with sex, though. Specifically, these people determine the sex of young chickens by relying “heavily” on their intuition. The crazy part comes next: One chicken sexer makes up to $60,000 a year, and these jobs are usually available in the U.K. or Japan.

Face feelers, on the other hand, can feel your face like nobody else. They are trained to use their hands on your face and judge the effectiveness of various facial products. It’s like stealing $25 per hour from a baby.

Feeling someone’s face is a lot better than tasting someone’s dog’s food. Yes, dog-food tasters are hired by pet food companies to test the quality of their products. Don’t worry, you’ll be spitting it out once you evaluate it.

Finally, winter fans will love moving icebergs for a living. That’s also an actual profession meant to prevent Titanic-like accidents. The International Ice Patrol was founded in 1913 after the original Titanic sunk and the organization patrols the waters to make sure icebergs won’t affect naval traffic. The IIP even tows icebergs out of the area if need be.

Looking for more crazy professions? Check out Business Insider’s full story at the source link.

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