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Steve Ballmer hatin’ on Google Android

Steve Ballmer needs to slow his roll! While on tour in the U.K. for the Professional Developers Conference, Ballmer saw it fit to take a little jab at Android and reaffirm Microsoft’s status in the mobile world. One would think that he learned his lesson when he laughed at the iPhone when it was first announced and said he wasn’t worried about it one bit — that it wouldn’t do well because the lack of a physical keyboard was just stupid and it was “most expensive phone ever.” Now he’s taking that wonderful insight to make an analysis of Android, or more specifically why it’s not going to be a threat to Microsoft.

First, Ballmer says that Android is unattractive for handset makers because it’s version one and looks like a version one. Wow, someone promote this guy from Lieutenant to Captain Obvious! Second, he says that Google isn’t going anywhere any time soon stating “they’ve got one handset maker, we’ve got 55. They’re available through one operator, we’ve got 175.” Perhaps he missed the news about Motorola and other handset makers who are wanting bang out Android faster than a fat girl can… we’ll spare you. Or perhaps he’s thinking Google isn’t really known for blowing up and pretty much making a huge presence in nearly everything it touches. Steve Ballmer perspires like no one we’ve seen before, but apparently he ain’t sweatin’ this one.