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Brilliant comic explains Chewbacca’s complex relationship with Kylo Ren

Updated 4 years ago
Published Jan 11th, 2016 8:30PM EST
Star Wars Force Awakens Chewbacca Kylo Ren
Image: Disney

Millions upon millions of people have seen the new Star Wars by now, a smash hit at the box office that only has us wanting more. Walking out of the theater, I had various questions running through my head, but none of them concerned Chewbacca. However, as a brilliant short comic explains, Chewbacca had a significant role in the movie given his relationship with Kylo Ren – we’ll tell you everything about it after the break, but be warned, there are some major spoilers ahead.

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Created by Tyson Murphy, the Lead Character artist at Blizzard Entertainment, the following coming explains the heartbreaking relationship between Chewbacca and Kylo Ren. And it all makes perfect sense.

Think about it! Chewbacca has been there from the start. He’s been Han Solo’s best friend for years, which means he witnessed the marriage with Leia and the birth of Ben Solo. And our furry little friend may have been the other uncle Ben grew up with, aside from Luke. Chewie may have taught Ben Solo to speak Wookie, while Luke became his Jedi master.

Growing up alongside Chewbacca must have been amazing for Ben Solo, and Disney will probably show some glimpses of that in flashback scenes in Episode VIII – after all, the now-dead Han Solo will appear in the next movie as well, meaning some flashbacks are clearly in order.

But Ben Solo turned into Kylo Ren at some point before the action of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Han Solo and Leia broke up soon after Ben Solo lost his way. And Chewbacca saw it all. He saw what his best friend had to go through and he certainly suffered with him.

Fast-forward to Chewbacca shooting Kylo Ren after the Dark Side disciple killed Han Solo. It all seemed like a natural response to us, Chewie fighting back in despair. But Chewie didn’t kill him – and how could he, given that Kylo Ren is supposed to be the villain of the series?

We know Chewbacca is deadly with the bowcaster, a weapon Han Solo admires himself, so why did he miss his chance of killing Kylo Ren? The brilliant comic perfectly captures the reason why Chewie misses. For him, Kylo Ren is also still Ben Solo, a happy kid he once knew. And as much as Han Solo’s death must hurt him, he can’t kill Kylo Ren just yet, though he can’t leave him unhurt either.

We’ll point out that Disney doesn’t show this particular sequence of events, and this line of thinking might be wrong. But it definitely feels right. We may not see Kylo Ren in Chewie’s crosshairs in the movie, but the comic certainly makes sense. And, again, Chewbacca is quite the bowcaster blaster master in Star Wars, so he could have easily killed Kylo Ren.

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