The Star Wars frenzy continues in anticipation of the seventh episode in the saga, and this time around we’re looking at a brand new concept design coming from Martin Hajek, who has, yet again, imagined what a item from the Star Wars universe would look like if designed by Apple.

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Not long ago, Hajek published renders of a Star Wars lightsaber, as it might appear if designed by Apple on Tatooine. And now, the graphic designer is back with renders of droids created after Apple’s vision.

Instead of focusing on the already popular R2D2 and C3PO robots, Hajek created the Apple version of BB-8, that brand new droid that may have already impressed you in the recent Star Wars trailer.

“What if Jony Ive gave design tips to JJ Abrams for the new droids?,” Hajek asks on his blog. “Introducing; iBB-A. “With built in projector and circular touch-screen interface, it will be available in silver, gold and (of course) space-grey!”

Some images showing the BB-8 concept imagined by Hajek follow below, with more available at the source link.

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