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Sprint's Samsung Ace SPH-I325 revealed

What’s this? A QWERTY Samsung BlackJack-ish device destined for Sprint? Yeah, we’re as surprised as you are. This little bugger has shown up out of the blue, sporting a host of attractive features that should position it nicely in competition with Sprint’s current Palm Centro. A full QWERTY keyboard comes standard, as does Windows Mobile 6 Standard (or perhaps Windows Mobile 6.1?), and a 1.3 megapixel camera. We can’t tell from the promo shots just how big it is, but if the ratio of screen size to phone size is any indication, we’re guessing that this will be pretty much on-par with the older BlackJack. It also appears to sport a keyboard that looks very similar to the current BlackJack layout, which could be problematic for the thick-fingered amongst us. Want more? We’ve picked up the smell of a World device here! That’s right. Expect this to be a CDMA / GSM double-whammy punch that will offer you the same number world-wide, on Sprint.

Thanks, Marcus!


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