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Sprint Treo 800w User Manual goes live

Updated 4 years ago
Published Jul 8th, 2008 2:25PM EDT

If you’re a Windows Mobile user feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this iPhone hype, we’ve got a bit of solace for you. The user manual for the upcoming Sprint Treo 800w has been unearthed, providing some much needed oomph for Palm’s upcoming handset. The manual itself is 436 pages, so make sure you’ve got a full pot of coffee, a comfortable chair, and about 6 hours of free time. We have, admittedly, not gone through the entire thing, but a cursory trip though the pages didn’t reveal anything terribly exciting. Then again, we know there are more than a few diehard Treo fans out there that are chomping at the bit for this thing to drop, so let’s all give them a bit of slack, at least until it actually comes out on the 13th, at which point we can return to mocking them for remaining faithful to a product line that should have expired about 2 years ago.


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