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Sprint shuts down for "maintenance"

We bring you this news with a mixture of confusion and hope. We’re a bit confused by Sprint’s decision to shut down all customer account access via until November 9th. Any attempt to login to your account yields the following message:

  • “We’re migrating your account to our new billing system. During this time, you won’t be able to sign on to or complete transactions through Sprint Customer Care or the automated voice system. If you send an account-related email to Sprint Customer Care, we will respond after the migration is completed on November 9.”

Maintenance is one thing, but 2-3 full days of system downtime is pretty ridiculous. That said, we’re still a bit hopeful. Why, might you ask? Sprint’s current billing system, at least in our experience, leaves something to be desired. Could the company maybe, possibly, moving towards a more accurate and up to date accounting infrastructure? Good Lord we hope so. Little has been revealed regarding the upcoming changes, but Sprint has stated that the new system will:

  • Receive our new, easy-to-read monthly bill
  • Get access to our redesigned account management website, where all the info and tools you need are right up front.

Nothing revolutionary there, but we’re still holding out. Let’s hope the downtime is worth the wait.

UPDATE: As some of you have noticed, this process isn’t impacting all accounts at this time. Sprint appears to be staggering the migration to minimize the inconvenience.


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