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Sprint boasts that no one is lining up to buy the iPhone 6s at its stores

Updated 4 years ago
Sprint iPhone 6s Launch No Lines

Sprint’s marketing team might want to rethink its latest tweet. On iPhone 6s launch day, Sprint’s Twitter account sent out a picture of two men happily holding up their new iPhone 6s models along with the caption, “Sprint delivers the hottest phone AND rescues you from lines.”

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Obviously, we know that Sprint meant that its stores have shorter lines compared to the Apple Store, which is true for all carriers. At the same time, it’s probably not wise to boast that people aren’t clamoring to get into your stores to buy the iPhone 6s, especially when we’re already seeing things like this popping up:

For the record, Sprint has one of the best deals on the iPhone 6s around — if you trade in your iPhone 6 and sign up with Sprint’s iPhone Forever plan, you’ll be able to lease your iPhone 6s for as little as $1 a month. As incredible as this deal sounds, it doesn’t seem like it was enough to produce long lines at the Sprint store on iPhone 6s day.

UPDATE: Our own Yoni Heisler just stopped by the Sprint store in Chicago. This is what he found:

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