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Sprint expands 'Common Cents Mobile' to 500 additional Walmarts

Updated 4 years ago
Published Aug 31st, 2010 9:00PM EDT

Today, Sprint announced that it would expand its Common Cents Mobile offering to an additional 500 Walmart locations. As the press release explains, “Common Cents Mobile is the only pay-as-you-go service offering Round Down minutes, allowing budget-conscious consumers to pay for only what they use — or even less.” If you’re reading this article, this service is — in all likelihood — not aimed at you. “Smartphones come with bells and whistles like Web browsing and music — features that for many, are simply unnecessary and can be seen as a waste of time and money,” said Common Cents Mobile’s chief marketing officer. The service, which originally launched in May of this year, is now available in just under 1,250 Walmart stores across the country.