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Sony Ericsson says hello to 8.2 megapixel camera phone

Updated 4 years ago

Yeah, and you thought the current bumper crop of 5-megapixel camera phones was impressive. According to the Unoffical Sony Ericsson Blog, SE is getting ready to unleash this 8.1 megapixel beast on an unsuspecting public. The C905 is a Cybershot camera phone with a pretty impressive “trick” up its sleeve. In addition to the Herculean megapixel count, the new flagship SE Cybershot phone sports GPS, HSDPA, ActiveSync Exchange support, Wi-Fi, an accelerometer, 2.4″ QVGA screen, and much more. No word on pricing, but expect this bad boy to be announced on the 17th of June, alongside a host of other upcoming SE phones.


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