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Brilliant new app may help you squeeze every last drop from your smartphone’s battery

Smartphone Battery Life App Battery+

As smartphones become more and more powerful, they also require more and more battery life. This is one reason why smartphone buyers now cite battery life as the most important thing they look for in a smartphone, even over ease of use and operating system. And now a new app called Battery+ that launched on the Google Play store this week might help you get the very most out of your smartphone’s battery so you don’t have to spend money on an external battery pack.

The app’s biggest feature is that it will automatically shut off your LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios if there are no connections nearby, which will ensure that your phone won’t be wasting energy trying to connect to networks that aren’t within range. Other key features include automatically enabling Bluetooth in Car Dock, delivering automatic reminders of good times to charge your phone and giving you options for reducing power consumption for when your battery gets low, such as reducing your screen’s brightness.

The app costs $3.34 and it’s brand new and thus hasn’t received many reviews yet. In other words, you might want to hold off on paying for it until more reviews roll in to see if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be. On the surface, however, this looks like a very promising app for helping you manage your phone’s battery life.

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