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Skype and Verizon enter into an exclusive agreement, Skype 3G on the iPhone delayed?

Updated 4 years ago

GigaOm has dug up some juicy tidbits on the recently announced deal between Verizon and Skype, an agreement that would put Skype on Verizon Wireless’ smartphones. According to inside sources, Verizon and Skype reportedly inked an exclusive two to three year deal that will not be offered to other carriers. We are not too sure how the deal is exclusive since Skype is available for download already on most smartphone platforms, but we digress. Possible bad news for iPhone owners as this exclusive deal may have had an effect on Skype’s upcoming 3G-enabled version of its iPhone app. The latest version of the application is reportedly ready to be released but is being withheld due to “concerns with AT&T’s network” which, according to GigaOm, could be Verizon speak for “we want Skype 3G only on our smartphones and are pressuring Skype to shelve it.” Are iPhone owners really going to be stuck VoIP-ing over Wi-Fi or is this far too much of a conspiracy theory to be true?