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Sidekick AIM issues

Updated 4 years ago
Published Dec 13th, 2007 9:02AM EST

Are you a Sidekick user that’s been having significant issues with AOL Instant Messenger on your device? You’re not alone. Instant messages are being delayed, sent out of sequence, and in many cases not going through at all. T-Mobile, Danger, and AOL have all acknowledged that the issue exists, but have no projected date of resolution. T-Mobile claims that it’s an AOL issue and, as such, won’t provide anything in the way of support, answers, or account credits. AOL, in typical fashion, acknowledges the problem but refuses to provide any details about its specifics. The problem has, by many accounts, been going on since late November. The issue appears to be present on all current Sidekick devices, including the new LX and Slide. This sort of issue is nothing new for the Sidekick faithful, but the fact that its been going on for so long without resolution doesn’t seem to bode well. T-Mobile, usually known for their pro-active approach to customer relations, seems to be denying any culpability, despite the fact that they specifically advertise the Sidekick’s AIM service as a selling point of the device. First the Slide fiasco, and now this…it’s been a bad fall for the Sidekick.


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