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Samsungs says smartphones will make up 29 percent of the market in 2012

Lining up with the predictions of pretty much every Tom, Dick and Harry, Samsung has gone ahead and stated that it expects smartphones to make up 29 percent (or 500 million devices) of the mobile phone marketplace in 2012. As things currently stand, smartphones account for 14 percent (170 million devices) of all mobile phones, a figure which is steadily increasing (despite a World-wide recession) thanks in part to high consumer and corporate demand for feature-rich devices. What’s more however, is that Samsung is betting touchcreens will be featured on 50 percent of mobile phones by 2013. Sammy also says OLED displays will become all the rage with an estimated 50 percent market share in the next five years on all mobile devices, including but not limited to mobile phones, PMPs, GPS navigation units and digital cameras. Guess that means that while many will be looking forward to the future with outstretched arms and wide-open wallets, Stevie Wonder will be pretty PO’d unless some solid progress is made where the V.I. UX is concerned.


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