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Samsung YP-U3 MP3 players

Updated 4 years ago
Published Jun 22nd, 2007 9:41AM EDT

Is it just us, or do these things look like the gizmo equivalent of a home pregnancy test? Questionable aesthetics aside, the new U3 MP3 players sport a pretty hot array of features. Coming in 1, 2, and 4GB flavors, these little monsters plug directly into your computer’s USB port, allowing you to stock it full of tunes. It features a 4-line OLED screen, and 15 hours of battery life. If the pink stick ain’t your thing, there are 4 other less suspect colors: blue, green, white, and black. Look for it to drop soon at your neighborhood pharmacy electronics store, running about $150 for the top of the line model.

[Via Fareast Gizmos]


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