Galaxy S III owners, are you ready for new smartphone features? Samsung (005930) announced on its Samsung Tomorrow blog that the Galaxy S III will be getting a special “Premium Suite” upgrade that will add Galaxy Note II features such as Multi Window, Page Buddy and Contextual Awareness and more. With Multi Window, users can open two app windows at once, Page Buddy will add smart actions such as opening up specific music when headphones are plugged in, and several Contextual Awareness features will allow you to instantly add tags after a photo is taken or choose to see most frequently displayed apps while searching. The software upgrade will be available to international Galaxy S III owners first and it will ultimately be up to a carrier to decide whether to issue the upgrade or not.

Other enhancement features in the Premium Suite upgrade include automatic Share Shot pairing via NFC, a Reader Mode that lets you easily adjust text size in the Internet browser app and a Facebook Lock Ticker that displays your Newsfeed on the lock screen. A video rundown of the new Galaxy S III features follows below.

Raymond Wong is a technology reporter with a passion for cutting-edge gadgets and clean design. He first realized his love for technology when he burned through so many AA batteries on the original Game Boy that scraping battery acid off it became the norm.