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Awesome new Samsung accessory charges up to three mobile devices at once

Samsung Multi-Charging Wall Charger

Handset makers have managed to constantly improve battery life for smartphones, although battery life will hopefully be significantly further improved in future smartphone generations. Until then, mobile device users who own more than one device that needs charging will still have to recharge their batteries on a very frequent basis, and often at the same time. For them, Samsung has devised a handy new accessory: The Multi-Charging Wall Charger, which the company says will be available to buy soon.

The device lets users charge up to three devices simultaneously, including smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, headphones, and basically anything that can be charged with a microUSB cable.

Naturally, the more devices you charge simultaneously, the more time they’ll take to reach full capacity, although that shouldn’t matter too much, especially if you charge them overnight. Furthermore, you’ll be able to simultaneously recharge your devices using a single wall charger, or single USB port on a computer, instead of three.

“The Multi-Charging Wall Charger will pass through up to 667mA for each device when three devices connected,” Samsung writes. “Max 1A for each device when two devices connected. Max 2A to one device when only one connected. The charger will detect how many devices are connected and adjust the charge flowing to each to maximize the 2A charge across however many devices are connected.”

The Multi-Charging Wall Charger will sell for $39.99, and should be available from various retailers other than Samsung soon.

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