Samsung pleasantly surprised us earlier this year with its beautiful, trailblazing design for the Galaxy S6 edge. Can it repeat the trick next year with the Galaxy S7? The team at 3DFuture thinks it can, which is why it’s used one of Samsung’s own design patents to make a truly wild Galaxy S7 edge concept with a curved display that wraps around at the top and bottom of the device instead of the sides.

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Here’s what the proposed device would look like from the front:

From an ergonomics perspective, it might make more sense to have the “edge” display features on the top of the device, although this isn’t something we’d know for sure until trying it out ourselves. This approach would allow Samsung to place the volume buttons and other buttons more prominently on the side of the device, however, while it looks like the top and bottom of the device are mostly free of any buttons.

While this is a pretty slick design, we don’t think it looks nearly as stylish as what Samsung accomplished with the Galaxy S6 edge earlier this year. Still, it’s a very cool concept and one worth considering — check out more pictures of 3DFuture’s Galaxy S7 edge designs at this link.

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