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A key Galaxy S6 detail may have just leaked

Samsung Galaxy S6 Leak

File this one under “we’ll believe it when we see it,” but G for Games points us to a new report from Chinese publication that claims Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is going to feature… wait for it… an all-metal build. Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

According to G for Games’ interpretation,’s supply chain sources say that Samsung sees both the recently announced Galaxy Alpha and the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 as stepping stones for implementing a more complete premium design starting next year with its flagship Galaxy S6 handset.

The Galaxy Alpha was the first Samsung phone to release with a sturdy metal frame, even though the phone’s rear casing was still made of Samsung’s hallmark plastic. And just about everything we’ve heard about the Galaxy Note 4 indicates that it’s going to be a terrific high-end premium phone regardless of whether it has a metal casing or not, so this theory that both devices might be “gateway drugs” to an all-metal smartphone does make some degree of sense.

Nonetheless, there are some very good reasons to be skeptical of this report, particularly because it also says that ultra-budget smartphone king Xiaomi is looking to get into the all-metal build game. If there’s one company out there that we simply cannot imagine making a premium build Android phone along the lines of the HTC One (M8), it’s Xiaomi.

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