Samsung has released more smartphones and tablets over the past two years than anyone could possibly keep track of, but the flagship device is still the clear choice for consumers. Chikita’s latest report breaks down Samsung smartphone usage in North America based on Web traffic from each model, and the Galaxy S3 is the clear favorite with a 33.9% share. The Galaxy S4 is 10% behind the S3 with 23.8% of Web traffic, and all the other handsets combined, including the Galaxy Note 3, make up just 42.3%.

The Galaxy S3 has almost a year on the S4, so it’s no surprise that it has managed to retain its position atop the charts, especially now that the S3 has dropped into budget-price territory on most carriers. Chikita also notes that although “Web traffic from all Galaxy Note users (versions 1, 2, and 3) constitutes just over 13% of all North American Samsung smartphone usage,” 71% of all Samsung traffic comes from devices with with 4.8-inch displays or larger. Samsung has effectively bumped up size expectations for the smartphone market.

“Overall, the most recent usage statistics point to Samsung’s place as a top smartphone manufacturer being very secure,” writes Chikita. “While significantly behind Apple in terms of usage share, Samsung is far and away the largest Android player in the space, and its recent releases have been well received domestically.”

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