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Samsung throws down the gauntlet to Apple and Google with an open Internet of Things

Although Samsung didn’t make any major waves during its afternoon keynote address, the company was feeling more lively on Monday evening during the keynote address of Samsung co-CEO BK Yoon. Samsung on Monday announced the new SmartThings Hub, which has been designed as a complete hub for the so-called “Internet of Things.”

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For those who don’t know, the “Internet of Things” is an industry buzzword used to describe interconnectedness between multiple different device types that have previously not been connected via the web.

“There are many devices out there that are ready to be part of the Internet of Things,” Yoon said during his keynote. “They have what it takes for sensors, processing power and connectivity. That’s what makes an IOT device.”

To this end, Samsung said that the SmartThings Hub will be completely open to devices that work on multiple platforms and won’t try to lock device manufacturers into one particular platform ecosystem.

“We need an open ecosystem so IOT devices work together,” Yoon said. “And we need to collaborate across industries. Samsung is prepared to play a leading role here… We can deliver the benefits of IOT only if all sensors and all devices work with each other. That’s why today on behalf of Samsung I am making a promise: Our IOT components and devices will be open.”

SmartThings says that the SmartThings Hub will launch in April this year and will include “a more powerful processor and local app engine, built-in backup battery power, and expanded cellular connectivity” that “will enable SmartThings to continue operating in the event of a power or Internet outage.”

Samsung itself, of course, will have plenty of IOT devices of its own and the company is working right now to make sure nearly everything it releases within the next two years will have IOT connectivity.

“By 2017, 90% of all Samsung’s products will be IOT devices, and that includes all of our televisions and mobile devices… we’re working to make every smart device in the home, like the smart TVs, act like an IOT hub.”

Samsung officially acquired SmartThings this past summer as part of an agreement to become part of Samsung’s Open Innovation Center. This is the first major announcement between the two companies since the acquisition.

To learn more about the SmartThings Hub, check out SmartThings’ official blog at the source link below.

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