Smart playlists are sooooo 2007 – all the cool kids use genius playlists. Late last month, Kevin Rose shared some Apple rumors with us that have since gained a pretty huge amount of momentum. The iPod nano and Touch revisions are all but confirmed and it looks like pricing will be revisited as well. Then yesterday of course, Apple sent out some invites to a special “Let’s Rock” event to be held on September 9th. Let’s Rock you say? Sounds pretty focused; iPods and iTunes will almost certainly be the talking points. In the meatime however, Rose has handed out a bit more detail with regards to the iTunes 8.0 revision he spoke of in his video last month. Firstly, he described a new music recommendation feature that will be called genius playlists according to reports. Apparently iTunes 8.0 will be able to analyze certain qualities of a song and generate a playlist. It will be like having your own local Pandora; sort of. Less interestingly, Rose describes some new “trippy visualizations” that can accompany playback. It’s hard to care about that but since Rose claims to have seen them first hand it does give his claims some additional credibility.


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