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RIM's profits rose to $643mm, shipped 7.8mm devices last quarter

Let’s face it, folks — RIM is on a tear and its Q1 2010 results are proof positive of this fact. While a tax drop might have helped propel the company’s quarterly profit to a record high of $643 million, the fact remains that things are pretty much going better than ever — especially considering the global recession. 7.8 million devices were shipped and 3.8 million new BlackBerry owners were added, although the latter is down approximately 100,000 from the previous quarter. As for the immediate future, don’t expect RIM to lose momentum any time soon. Devices like the Storm 2 will surely help add to its 28.5 million userbase worldwide — and let us not forget about the highly anticipated Tour 9630 that’s all set for a summer release.


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