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RIM brags to employees about celeb BlackBerry users

Throughout the ages, mothers have always lectured their kids about the virtues of modesty, but it looks like some employees working at RIM never got that little nugget of advice. In a PowerPoint presentation courtesy of a RIM ninja, RIM shamefully proudly displays images of Lindsay Lohan, Michael Phelps, Cameron Diaz, John Mayer, Brad & Angelina, and Jessica Alba. But it gets even more lame. In a presentation note the following is written:

“In Australia, we have celebrities such as Jennifer Hawkins and Jamie Jury using BB
Micheal Phelps got a message on his BB from the president after winning 8 gold medals at recent olympics!!!!” [sic]

Look, all companies are proud when celebrities use and endorse their products because it means that they 1) have a degree of “cool” to them (whatevz, but it’s true), and 2) there are legions of obsessive fans out there who buy whatever their favorite starlets have. But the fact that there are people at RIM who get such a hard-on from celebrities that they start using paparazzi photos, misspelling names like Michael, and have to include not one but three exclamation marks is just absurd.

Larger photo after the break.