Apple’s Retina-equipped iPad mini is still in short supply at the start of the holiday shopping season. AppleInsider flags a note from Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore, who surveyed more than 100 retail outlets over the past few days to figure out both supply and demand for a range of Apple products during one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year.

Overall Whitmore found that around 13% of all Apple stores were out of their Wi-Fi-only Retina iPad mini stocks while 20% of Apple stores were out of their cellular Retina iPad mini stocks. Things were even worse at third-party retailers “as Best Buy and carrier stores contacted on Black Friday saw stock-out rates of between 50 and 100%,” AppleInsider notes.

Short supplies of the Retina iPad mini are entirely expected, of course, and it doesn’t look like supply will catch up with demand for the device until sometime next year. There is good news for Apple holiday shoppers, however: Whitmore found that both Apple stores and third-party retailers are well-stocked with iPad Airs and iPhone 5s models.

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