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Why Quentin Tarantino refuses to watch Netflix

Published Oct 5th, 2015 5:35PM EDT
Quentin Tarantino Netflix

In what seems like a blink of an eye, Netflix managed to became an absolute juggernaut in the media space. Once a niche purveyor of DVDs, Netflix today has over 65 million subscribers across the globe.

Not everyone, though, is on board the Netflix bandwagon. Quentin Tarantino, interestingly enough, isn’t impressed. In an excerpt from the book I Lost it at The Video Store: A Filmmakers’ Oral History of a Vanished Era, the famed  director explained said that he’s an old-school kind of guy who prefers watching movies via tangible media.

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“I am not excited about streaming at all,” Tarantino said. “I like something hard and tangible in my hand. And I can’t watch a movie on a laptop. I don’t use Netflix at all. I don’t have any sort of delivery system. I have the videos from Video Archives. They went out of business, and I bought their inventory. Probably close to eight thousand tapes and DVDs.”

Now that’s certainly a man who practices what he preaches. On top of that, Tarantino added that he still tapes movies off of TV via VHS so that he can keep his collection alive and well.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have someone like Kevin Smith who takes a more pragmatic view of the current state of streaming.

“You’d think I’m like, ‘Fuck streaming. Because in our day . . .’ But I’m a filmmaker who is happy to watch a film on an iPhone. I just want to get it in me. I’m a movie lover at heart, so the quickest, easiest way you can get it to me is A-okay in my book. It doesn’t have to be on an IMAX screen. That’s great, sometimes. But I need it in me. I just need the movie in me. Any way that that can be administered, even if it’s on a tiny iPhone screen. I like streaming. “

Going back to Tarantino for a second, his upcoming film The Hateful Eight is slated to be released later this year. You’ll be able to catch it in theaters on Christmas Day, or perhaps on Netflix many, many months down the line.

Yoni Heisler Contributor

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