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Video: Protestor throws tomatoes at Donald Trump mid-speech

January 28th, 2016 at 9:16 AM
Protestor Throws Tomatoes at Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s famously orange complexion almost turned red this week after the Presidential candidate just barely missed getting hit in the face with two tomatoes thrown by a protestor during a campaign rally at the University of Iowa.

Video footage of the incident surfaced yesterday and is as absurd as you’d imagine. The first tomato, which becomes visible at about the three-second mark, lacks momentum and barely makes it to the stage. Not to be deterred, a second tomato comes whizzing by Trump’s head at about nine seconds in, just barely missing him by what seems like just a few inches.

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Trump responded in typical fashion, first stating calmly, “Get him out!”. But ever the performer, Trump then proceeded to butter up the audience by putting on a performance akin to a WWE promo. “Ready?”, Trump asked the crowd, knowingly revving them up. “Are you ready?” he asked once again before responding with an emphatic, “GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!”

And naturally, the crowd cheered wildly in approval.

Trump is nothing if not a showman. I’m almost surprised that Trump didn’t pull out a Hulk Hogan move, cup his hands to his ears and say to the crowd, “I caaan’t hear you!”

What an election year 2016 is shaping up to be; Donald Trump is running for President and is actually doing well in the polls. And now, apparently, people are throwing tomatoes at him as if he were up on stage as part of a 1920s vaudeville act gone wrong. What’s next? Is someone going to try to pull Trump off-stage with a cane?

As for the tomato-throwing perp, he was quickly picked up by the Secret Service and was later identified as 28-year-old Andrew Joseph Alemao. According to CBS News, he spent Tuesday night in jail and was released on Wednesday after being charged with disorderly conduct.

Reportedly, Alemao sprung into action after Trump called Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders a communist.

A life long Mac user and Apple enthusiast, Yoni Heisler has been writing about Apple and the tech industry at large for over 6 years. His writing has appeared in Edible Apple, Network World, MacLife, Macworld UK, and most recently, TUAW. When not writing about and analyzing the latest happenings with Apple, Yoni enjoys catching Improv shows in Chicago, playing soccer, and cultivating new TV show addictions, the most recent examples being The Walking Dead and Broad City.

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