Many professionals including designers are using Apple computers for job-related purposes, and a fashion designer has just created what very well might be one of the best-looking portfolios ever, a 70-page book that looks like a Macbook laptop, both inside and out.

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Eva Zar is the designer in question, who partnered up with Maximilian Mauracher to make the special book. The covers of the portfolio look like a MacBook’s aluminum cases. As soon as you open it, you’ll get the familiar OS X login screen which lists the user name of the designer and would be password.

Flipping through the pages is like browsing on a Mac. Every design aspect you expect is in there. You get an actual dock at the bottom of each page, the OS X menu atop and app windows. Interestingly there are various apps “opened” on this Mac, including Safari, Preview, Photoshop and iTunes.

The level of detail is incredible, which makes this particular project so interesting – for example, we can tell it’s OS X Yosemite running on this particular MacBook (hint: look at the trash icon). Obviously, this sort of project would be just as impressive with a Windows theme.

Images showing this creative portfolio follow, with more available on Zar’s site at the source link.

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