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Yes, I bought a pink iPhone 6s – and I’ll live to tell the story

Published Sep 15th, 2015 1:47PM EDT
Pink iPhone 6s Purchase

From the moment Apple announced it on stage, I knew I would choose the new rose gold iPhone color for my imminent iPhone 6s purchase. And so I did. Soon after preorders opened, I grabbed a new 64GB iPhone in pink that should arrive on launch day. The rose gold iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus turned out to be quite popular among buyers, selling out worldwide. And it looks like the color choice is causing quite a stir among male Apple fans who are considering the device.

Spoiler alert: It’s perfectly okay to purchase a pink iPhone. You’re not going to be any less manly because you like pink, or any other color you might incorrectly label as “girly.”

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In fact, color choice shouldn’t even be a major factor when buying any gadget. I’d have gotten the iPhone 6s in any other color also. At the end of the day, I want iOS, no matter what it comes packaged in. And I want all its features, including the new 3D Touch functionality and better cameras.

I don’t feel any less of a man for choosing the pink iPhone – I’ve done it before, and everyone asked me why I had a pink bumper on the iPhone 4 many years ago, other than to “fix” antennagate issues. Because I like it. I’ll have no problem answering “Is-that-a-pink-iPhone?” questions come next Friday – in fact, I’m jumping out ahead of the game and answering that question now, without even getting too much into the sexist and homophobic arguments about this color.

And no, I’m not going to cover the iPhone 6s in any case that’ll hide its colors. I’ve used an Alien Surface for the iPhone 6 (a space grey model), which is a clear film that protects the device without hiding it, and that’s what I’ll probably end up choosing for the iPhone 6s as well. Or a transparent case that’ll show the device’s actual color: pink.

If you’re not questioning your masculinity for choosing a gray, silver or gold iPhone, then you absolutely shouldn’t do it if you want to buy the pink model. If you are, then spending the money on an expensive iPhone shouldn’t be among your top of your priorities.

So go ahead, buy your pink iPhone right now… if you can get your hands on one.

Chris Smith Senior Writer

Chris Smith has been covering consumer electronics ever since the iPhone revolutionized the industry in 2008. When he’s not writing about the most recent tech news for BGR, he closely follows the events in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and other blockbuster franchises. Outside of work, you’ll catch him streaming almost every new movie and TV show release as soon as it's available.