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Pepcom Digital Experience 2010 roundup

We stopped by the 2010 Pepcom convention in New York City to check out some of the latest and greatest gadgets and electronic toys. We snapped a bunch of pictures and have put together a little round up for you. Hit the break to see what caught our eye!So let’s start off with some mobile related stuff…

Nokia had a pre-release version of the N8 on hand. The phone was pretty much identical to the one we saw at CTIA — and the one that got that less than stellar review — but we snapped a quick pic none-the-less.

We also spotted the international, unlocked Samsung Galaxy S strutting its stuff.

T-Mobile was on-hand showing off their latest round of message-centric feature phones.

Sadly, BlackBerry brought the same old, same old.

Robots were big this year for some reason. Here is a robotic Swiffer’er from Mint; this should compliment your Roomba and Sony Aibo nicely.

This stealth little robot from Spy Gear can stream video at 30fps wirelessly to your computer. We’ll let you figure out how you could best utilize this RC car, video camera hybrid.

There was also this quad-prop flying thing from Parrot that was hovering around the event. Where this thing scores real nerd points is in how it is controlled. The movement of the quap-propter is all done using the accelerometer API of an iPhone. We asked the representative demoing the device if it was possible to strap a cup holder to the unit; sadly, he responded in the negative (no flying beverage delivery system for you!). NOTE: This video was taken using the Motorola DROID X. Make sure to jump over to YouTube to see the video in 720p!

That is it for us. There was a ton of cool stuff at this years event but those were some of the highlight and lowlights. See you next year Pepcom.

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