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Palm's new handset: Pre-mature hype?

There are many who would argue that Palm’s future success rides on the shoulders of of webOS, if not the Pre itself. While it most certainly seems like an exciting device, there are plenty of skeptics out there. Even those who were lucky enough to parade around with their units weren’t that impressed when they first got the handset. A recent survey conducted by ChangeWave Research is now showing that prospective smartphone buyers are looking to RIM or Apple first — of 4,292 adults surveyed, only 4% showed interest in purchasing a Palm Pre according to the poll. The most popular choices were BlackBerry, getting 37% of the vote, and the iPhone with 30% of the surveyed group. Add to that the fact that Sprint will be the Pre’s exclusive carrier and you have 1% of respondents who said they would be willing to switch carriers. Of course we don’t know how ChangeWave found its test group and we trust you guys much more — how many of you are going to pick up the Palm Pre, and are willing to switch carriers to do so?