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Overlooked webOS features reviving Pre envy

In a recent interview with Roger MacNamee of Elevation Partners, Sarah dug up some pretty great features of webOS that had gone relatively unnoticed until now. No, the interview she did isn't new, but all of the hype flying around at the time let some pretty awesome and intutive functionality go unnoticed. We'll let MacNamee do the talking here – from the interview:

But better than that, it does stuff for you. So when you wake up in the morning, it has taken your calendar — if you ask it to — and downloaded the maps for you whole day, it's downloaded the wikipedias for the people you're going to visit and the companies you're going to see… Why is it on PCs you have to go and do all that?

And when you're late — get this — when you're late it — remember, this things has GPS, it has a clock, and it has your calendar. So it not only knows where you are, it knows where you're supposed to be and when; and so when it realizes you're going to be late, it says “Hey, not only are you going to be late, but I can take care of it for you. I'll send an email to your assistant or to the people in the meeting, which would you prefer? And oh, by the way, here's the map.” This is the beginning of a new wave.

Pretty smooth Palm, pretty smooth. This is actually a great interview and if you haven't watched it already we highly recommend you do so. It's refreshing to see an investor who is actually not only knowledgeable when it comes to to the industry, but also incredibly enthusiastic about a portfolio company and its products. As an aside, we still find it amusing that people ‘in the know' refer to the HTC G1 as the “Google Android”. Ain't no branding like Google branding… Hit the jump for the full interview.

[Via PreCentral]


Zach Epstein

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