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Nokia N900 marketing shot leaks, official announcement imminent

Updated 4 years ago

If there is still doubt in anyone’s mind that Nokia plans to officially unveil its next-generation Maemo 5 handset at the modestly named Nokia World show next week, behold: The first official press render of the N900 has leaked. Call it the Rover, call it the RX-51 or call it whatever else you want — the bottom line is that it represents Nokia’s first step in moving away from an old busted UI and toward a somewhat modern interface. Somewhat. Last week we all enjoyed a ridiculously thorough preview of the N900 and, upon first viewing of the many screenshots included in the post, it’s clear that the Maemo 5 UI is a giant step forward compared to S60. On the other hand however — in terms of looks — it doesn’t appear to be all that different compared to the previous version of Maemo. It’s more flushed out of course, since the N900 packs a lot more out of the box than previous Maemo devices, but we’re not really seeing anything revolutionary here — just evolutionary. Again, we’re talking looks and not function; we still haven’t played with the handset ourselves and we’re not jumping to any conclusions. Getting excited yet, T-Mobile fans? We know we are.

Thanks, Ben!

UPDATE: Hit the jump for another shot obtained by the same source.

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