Sure, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see Seinfeld score another easy $10 million like he did from Microsoft but it would definitely be an interesting ad run. Nokia is a big company with a big budget and even bigger problems. In 2008, the Finnish giant watched in horror as its smartphone market share dropped by a mind boggling 12% and so far there haven’t been any real signs of this trend slowing. Apple, once considered laughable by the Finns in terms of its potential impact on the handset market, played a large role this year in gobbling up Nokia’s business as did other factors including what some refer to as a stagnant smartphone line. All is not lost of course as Nokia looks to its latest OS revision, complete with touch support, to revive its declining smartphone business. Oh, and a little bit of ad spending wouldn’t hurt. Nokia is reportedly planning to pour a hefty $150 million into Nseries advertising in an effort to cauterize the bleeding and reverse its downward trend in 2009. With Apple showing no signs of slowing and Google positioned to do some real global damage with Android, Nokia better be looking at some talented fresh blood to handle its upcoming Nseries ad campaigns. Godspeed Nokia, Godspeed.


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