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Has Nintendo written off the Wii U as a lost cause?

Published Apr 13th, 2015 4:40PM EDT
Nintendo Wii U Sales Mobile Games

Hey, remember the Wii U? Nintendo would probably like to forget it at this point and VentureBeat’s Mike Minotti makes a compelling case that Nintendo is already shifting its focus to the next big thing since the Wii U at this point seems like a lost cause.

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Minotti zeroes in on Nintendo’s recent embrace of mobile gaming as a new way to make money as evidence that the company is taking its focus off consoles, and in particular the console that has been a sales nightmare for the company right from the start.

He also notes that Nintendo has already started talking about its next console, which is something it wouldn’t do if it believed it could milk several more years out of the Wii U.

“Nintendo also announced that it was working on a new hardware platform, codenamed the NX,” he writes. “We don’t know anything about the console, but that Nintendo would already reveal it is telling. It’s common for a company to announce a console a year or two before it comes out, but it is strange to see one unveiled when its predecessor is still relatively young.”

If you want more evidence that the Wii U is pretty much toast, check out the Wii U’s upcoming release calendar posted on Nintendo’s website. Splatoon is slated to come out on the console on May 29th… and then there won’t be another Wii U game released until September. No, seriously: There won’t be a single new Wii U game for three consecutive months. Combine this with the fact that Nintendo has pushed back the projected release date of its new Zelda game already and things are looking very grim for the Wii U indeed.

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