We read the numerous reports that pretty much offered us all the details of Google’s upcoming new Nexus handsets for 2015, and we saw plenty of renders that were supposedly created using leaked documentation from accessory makers. But now it’s time to check out the first real image of LG’s new Nexus 5 smartphone, which was leaked online by a reputable source.

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Well-known YouTube gadget reviewer Marques Brownlee shared a picture of what seems to be the new LG handset on Twitter. The back of the device has Nexus branding and clear prototype markings, including a “not for sale” warning.

More importantly, the back of the handset also shows the exact same design elements that recent renders featured, including a protruding rear-camera and flash, and a fingerprint scanner. These elements are placed on the back of the phone exactly as leaks said they would be.

“Apparently this is the new Nexus. Looks fine from this angle. Give us more, Mr Blurricam!” Brownlee said on Twitter in a post that included the image below.

The YouTube reviewer did not share images of the front side of the handset or any other pictures of the new Nexus 5.

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