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New Sprint Mogul ROM leaks with Windows Mobile 6.1

Hold the presses! Windows Mobile 6.1 (you remember Windows Mobile 6.1, right? Good) has reared its redesigned head. Before you get too excited, it’s worth noting that this is a leaked beta version of an upcoming ROM update, but still…we’re starting to see some forward motion, so we’d rather not jinx it with ill will. The recipient of the update is none other than the Sprint HTC Mogul, which is interesting considering the fact that another, non-6.1, beta ROM for the Mogul leaked just last week, but we assume that Sprint and HTC are thinking this one through, right? It looks like the 6.1 update here is a bit crippled from the one we encountered, with the only notable enhancement being the inclusion of native threaded SMS support. Even so, it’s looking good and a sign of more 6.1 things to come.

UPDATE: It looks like we may have jumped the gun with this one. It’s come to our attention that this is not an official ROM leak, but rather a cooked homebrew ROM put together from an official Kaiser WM6 build.


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