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Sharing a Netflix account will be even easier starting this summer

Dan Graziano
June 12th, 2013 at 11:45 AM
Netflix Account Sharing

Netflix is a convenient and affordable service that has truly revolutionized the way people watch TV. The service is available for as low as $7.99 per month for unlimited access to thousands of TV shows and movies on any device. While the company limits the number of users that can simultaneously stream a video, Netflix doesn’t seem to care about users sharing their accounts with friends, family members or roommates. If you have a Netflix account, chances are that you have shared your password with another person. In fact, it has been estimated that as many as 10 million people are accessing the service without paying.

For paying customers, sharing your password can be hassle. Rather than seeing personalized recommendations for Pulp Fiction or The Dark Knight, you are left with recommendations to watch The Notebook or Gone With The Wind based on your girlfriend’s viewing habits. Luckily, Netflix will make sharing an account even easier later this summer.

Speaking to Yahoo News, Netflix vice president of product innovation Todd Yellin revealed that the company is planning to allow five or six different user profiles on one account. The move will allow Netflix’s data engine to deliver personalized recommendations for family members, roommates or anyone else users may share their accounts with.

Netflix is currently testing multiple user profiles with a small group of individuals and plans to launch the feature by the end of August.

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