Do you own a 4K TV and subscribe to Netflix? Well, you’re about to suffer a minor blow for daring to own a 4K TV. Netflix will now charge a “platinum” rate plan of $11.99 a month to people owning a 4K TV — also known as Ultra TV — that gives them access to Netflix’s limited collection of 4K content.

“We decided to move 4K UHD video into our four-stream plan for new members who sign up and care about the highest-quality video Netflix offers,” a Netflix spokesman told HD Guru. “We have a modest and growing catalog of titles in 4K, including ‘House of Cards,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘The Blacklist’ and a slate of upcoming Netflix original series.”

Netflix says that this price change is due to the increased cost in acquiring, and distributing the 4K content. The content is still pretty limited for consumers that own a 4K TV. So far, Netflix only offers 4K TV owners the complete series of Breaking Bad, season two of House of Cards, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters 2, The Smurfs 2, NBC’s new show, The Blacklist and a four-part Moving Art nature documentary series.

Luckily, if you’ve subscribed to Netflix with a 4K TV before the increase, you’ll be grandfathered into the content at your current pricing. But, if you are just now subscribing to Netflix with a 4K TV, expect to pay the $11.99 to get the “platinum” 4K content.

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