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MyBlackBerry launches tonight at midnight

July 14th, 2009 at 3:06 PM

Are you concerned that there just aren’t enough Berry-centric sites out there for you to talk RIM with like-minded addicts? Dry those eyes as MyBlackBerry, a RIM-operated community forum for BlackBerry users, will officially launch tonight at midnight. In short, MyBlackBerry is a place were any current and future BlackBerry user is free to share tips, stories, review apps and just plain chew the fat. We’ve been testing out the site for a few weeks now and we think that given time and an influx of new users, it should become a decent spot for the BlackBerry faithful. Then again, there is something slightly creepy about posting to forums on the manufacturer’s website (don’t pretend you’re not the paranoid type), but we digress. As you wait for the stroke of midnight, you might want to check out the promo video that sums up what the site is all about. Speaking of the promo video, did anyone notice a little oopsie about a third of the way through? We’ve highlighted it ever so subtly above just in case you missed it.


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