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Use this clever Moto X trick to turn on your voice commands without saying a word

Moto X Tips And Tricks

One of the things we liked the best about the second-generation Moto X was the way Motorola thoughtfully added a small number of software features to Android that didn’t come off as gimmicks and actually really helped improve the phone’s user experience. In particular, we liked how Motorola cleverly made gestures and touch-free voice commands an integral part of the user experience for the device in a way that neither Samsung, LG or HTC had successfully done so far.

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Droid Life points out that there’s actually a way to make the 2014 Moto X’s touch-free voice commands even cooler by giving you the power to turn them on without even saying a single word.

Basically, you can do this by setting up your Moto Voice settings like you normally would but then when you’re prompted for a launch phrase such as “OK Google” or “Hello Moto X,” you can instead simply whistle a short tune and have that turn on your voice commands.

A full video showing your how to pull off this cool trick follows below and it’s definitely something worth checking out if you’re not the type of person who feels like saying the same phrase over and over again when you want your device’s voice commands to turn on.

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