Its unexpected watch-like round design combined with the possibilities offered by Android Wear turned the Moto 360 into one of the most interesting smartwatch concepts to date, although unlike other concepts, this particular model will actually hit stores this summer. Motorola has already talked about some of the specs of its first Android Wear smartwatch and further detailed the device on its website, by showing customization options in a set of images — but the user interface of the device is yet to be properly demoed.

Meanwhile, designers intrigued by the Moto 360 and Android Wear combo have already imagined the kind of apps that could run on the smartwatch, and take advantage of its round touchscreen display. Various app concepts, found by TheTechBlock on Dribbble, reveal what a round UI could offer on the device. Traveling, weather, car alarm, music and even game apps have been imagined. Furthermore, these concepts propose a variety of watchfaces, but also means of showing notifications and initiating voice-based interactions with the device.

Ten interesting Moto 360 app concepts follow below.

Voice Search by Tobs | Source: Dribbble

Clock with Notification by Ramotion | Source: Dribbble

Speed Reading app by Ryan Breault | Source: Dribbble

Flappy Bird by Unity | Source: Dribbble

Clean weather app by Unity | Source: Dribbble

Spotify by Rico Monteiro | Source: Dribbble

Trip Planner App by Chris Halaska | Source: Dribbble

Weather app by Kreativa Studio | Source: Dribbble

Nixon Digital Tide Surf App by Dann Petty | Source: Dribbble

Car Alarm app by Alex Martinov | Source: Dribbble

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