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Leaked pic may show the front panel of Microsoft’s first-ever smartphone

Microsoft Smartphone Leaked Picture

Well wouldn’t you know it — Microsoft might be planning to release a flagship Windows phone sometime soon after all. has posted a picture that it says might be the front panel of Microsoft’s first-ever self-branded smartphone — and no, we’re not counting the legendarily awful Kin as an actual smartphone.

Although it’s hard to tell for sure without seeing it compared to panels on other phones, the panel does look to be fairly large and it also shows fairly slim side bezels as well. The panel also seems to be a change in design from the one Nokia used for its last flagship smartphone, the Lumia 1020:

As you can see, the Lumia 1020’s top microphone slot was raised slightly above where the camera was located, whereas on the leaked picture of the purported Microsoft phone, both the camera slot and the microphone slot are at the same level and much closer to one another.

Several leaks we’ve seen recently indicate that Microsoft plans to kill off the Nokia brand by the end of the year and to change the name “Windows Phone” to just plain “Windows.” Or put another way, Windows Phones will now simply be Windows phones. Given this, it’s not surprising that Microsoft is working on a flagship phone that will carry its own brand, although we’re likely still a few months away from the device’s big release.

Be sure to head over to to get a look at more leaked pics of the Microsoft phone front panel by clicking the source link below.

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